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Gecko Grips Kid’s Sets!

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Please note that we are closed from 22nd December 2022 to 10th January 2023.

Welcome To Gecko Grips

GeckoGrips is a climbing grip manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa that was started in 1993 by well known SA climber, Andy Davies. Our grips are inspired by all the cool crags that we have visited around the world.......

Why Buy Gecko

GG are made from advanced polyester resins with hi tech fillers that make them super strong.

GG have been technically designed to reduce unnecessary stresses, which improves their strength.

GG are designed to be comfortable so there are no sharp edges to tweak your skin or tendons.

GG's wide range of shapes are designed to give you a wicked pump - watch out for those slopers!

GG have multiple positions that will enable one grip to be used in more than one way.

GG need only one size cap screw (45mm for 18mm plywood).

GG have a groovy texture that will ensure your feet stay on but your skin doesn't get shredded.

GG take 8mm or 10mm cap screws.

GG have been designed to be kinda.......sneaky!

Your wall will be super cool with the colourful range of GG.


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